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Roads in Mexico City have begun OUT-GASSING . . . They appear to be breathing

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Mexicans are in EXTREME DANGER of another, even larger earthquake than the massive M7.1 which struck south of Mexico City earlier this week.

Roads in the area have begun OUT-GASSING . . . They appear to be Breathing . . . meaning the earth below is being squeezed so hard, it is venting gas from deep in the earth.

Incredible Rare Footage of Mexico Earthquake. Looks like English movie scene but this is real amazing video .

A powerful earthquake jolted Mexico City on Tuesday 19-09-2017, seriously damaging buildings and sending people fleeing into the streets on the anniversary of a 1985 quake that did major damage to the capital. Mexico City


UFO Flotilla Over the Airport of Mexico City

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On  April 15th 2014, the Skywatcher Daniel Sánchez through its infrared vision equipment  captured a fleet of UFOs over the airport area of Mexico City.

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