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Japan : Radiation Leaks From Fuel Rods Suspected at Tsuruga Nuclear Plant

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Japan : Tokyo Electric Power Co. ( TEPCO ) downplayed tsunami risk By YURI KAGEYAMA and JUSTIN PRITCHARD

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Tokyo electric power co-managing director Akio KOMORI On the LEFT cries

Beyond Nuclear Staff Tracking Nuclear Plant Crisis in Japan Quake Zone

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TAKOMA PARK, MD–(ENEWSPF)–March 11 – Beyond Nuclear staff members are closely monitoring the unfolding nuclear power plant crisis in Japan following a massive earthquake and are available to provide technical expertise and information to media today and tonight.

Mixed reports about the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant confirm that emergency battery power is being used to keep the plant’s emergency core cooling systems running. A mass evacuation suggests the possibility that radioactivity is being – or could be – released from the plant.

Eleven of Japan’s 55 reactors are reportedly shut down due to the earthquake and as many as 6,000 residents are already being evacuated around the Fukushima Daiichi plant.

“The emergency at Fukushima Daiichi is alarming because the plant has lost central and emergency diesel power to most of its safety systems and is relying on battery power which can deplete in a matter of hours,” said Paul Gunter, director of the Reactor Oversight Project at Beyond Nuclear who has traveled in Japan and is familiar with their nuclear complex. “Once the batteries give out, the irradiated nuclear fuel in the operating reactor core could begin to melt down. If the containment systems fail, a catastrophic radioactivity release to the environment could occur. This particular containment system is already notorious for being a weak design likely to fail.”

Added Kevin Kamps, Radioactive Waste Watchdog at Beyond Nuclear who was recently on a nuclear power-related speaking tour in Japan: “In addition to the reactor cores, the storage pool for highly radioactive irradiated nuclear fuel is also at risk. The pool cooling water must be continuously circulated. Without circulation, the still thermally hot irradiated nuclear fuel in the storage pools will begin to boil off the cooling water. Within a day or two, the pool’s water could completely boil away.

Fears nuclear reactor will explode as ‘out of control’ cooling system fails at plant

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* 3,000 evacuated from area
* Pressure rises to 1.5 times normal level
* Experts warn the situation ‘could turn grave’

Japanese authorities will release radioactive vapour into the atmosphere in a bid to prevent a nuclear power plant from exploding after its cooling system failed following today’s massive earthquake.

The country’s nuclear safety agency says pressure inside the reactor at the Fukushima No. 1 power plant has risen to 1.5 times the level considered normal. To reduce the pressure, slightly radioactive vapour will be released.

Officials have said the radioactive element in the vapour that will be released would not affect the environment or human health.