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Another nail in the coffin: The Obama administration affirmed the opening of about 30 million acres of US Arctic waters to oil exploration

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Polar Bears say no to Statoil in Arctic


Shell had already begun moving drilling equipment into the area in anticipation of the Obama administration’s decision.

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The US Administration will let some wind companies kill or injure eagles to boost green energy

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(The Bald Eagle is the national bird of the United States of America….They are barely recovering from extinction that they are threatened again…What a symbol)

National bird usa great seal


The Obama administration said on Friday it will allow some companies to kill or injure bald and golden eagles for up to 30 years without penalty, in an effort to spur development and investment in green energy while balancing its environmental consequences. The change, requested by the wind energy industry, will provide legal protection for the lifespan of wind farms and other projects for which companies obtain a permit and make efforts to avoid killing the birds.

An investigation by the Associated Press earlier this year documented the illegal killing of eagles around wind farms, the Obama administration’s reluctance to prosecute such cases and its willingness to help keep the scope of the eagle deaths secret. The White House has championed wind power, a pollution-free energy intended to ease global warming, as a cornerstone of President Barack Obama’s energy plan.

In other areas, such as the government’s support for corn-based ethanol to reduce US dependence on gasoline, the White House has allowed the green industry to do not-so-green things. Another AP investigation recently showed that ethanol has proven far more damaging to the environment than politicians promised and much worse than the government admits today.

Wind Energy Eagle Deaths



Keystone XL Pipeline Protesters To Obama: ‘No Planet Drama’

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WASHINGTON — Despite the gray skies in Washington on Saturday, more than 100 protesters carrying handmade signs showed up in Lincoln Park to call on the Obama administration to reject the Keystone XL pipeline.

The protest was part of the “Draw the Line” campaign, a day of action led by the environmental group that included 200 rallies in nearly 50 states. The protesters argue that approving the proposed oil pipeline from Alberta, Canada, to Texas would hinder the Obama administration’s climate plans. DC Divest, a group petitioning the government of the District of Columbia to stop investing in fossil fuel companies, coordinated the local event, which drew about 140 people.

Organizers had laid out a tarp with cans of paint, poster board and stencils so that participants could make their own orange and black signs. At another table, a sign illustrated how climate issues like sea level rise would affect the region.


Social & Policy Innovation in the Obama Admin 2o2

Social & Policy Innovation in the Obama Admin 2o2 (Photo credit:

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