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African Animals Getting Drunk From Ripe Marula Fruit

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A scene from “Animals are Beautiful People” that shows African animals getting drunk after eating fermenting marula fruit, the fruit used to make the alcoholic drink, Amarula. The film was made in 1974 and starred an all-animal cast of wild African animals. Shot in and around South Africa, the movie went straight to cinema and has thrilled audiences ever since.

One of the most beloved scenes from the nature documentary is the one shown in this clip. Baboons, elephants and even ostriches eat the ripe, fermenting marula fruit and start stumbling around in a drunken parody of humans who have been drinking.

“Animals are Beautiful People” draw many similarities between animals and humans, personifying the wild creatures in an attempt to inspire humans to view their animal brethren with more humanity.


While Diving in Hawai, Keller Laros Helped a Dolphin In Trouble

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During an expedition in the waters of Hawai, the diver Keller Laros had a wonderful meeting. A dolphin came up to him While he was trying to observe manta rays.

Trapped by a hook and line fishing, this dolphin asked a human for help without a word, he was able to communicate with Keller Laros otherwise. He first approached the diver so that it could see the fishing line and warned Keller Laros who immediately understood what was the problem

The most amazing thing in this scene is calm and patience shown by the animal. He seemed to fully understand what was happening around him. He remained quietly near the diver until he finally released him from his hook and fishing line. The hook was embedded in his left pectoral fin. Part of the fishing line was also stuck close to his mouth.

Dolphins are very smart animals. Fortunately for this dolphin, Keller Laros had good reflexes. With reassuring gestures, he was able to soothe the animal. The man used a pair of scissors to release the big mammal. The diver demonstrated incredible softness.

Bottlenose dolphin of the NMMP on mineclearanc...

Bottlenose dolphin of the NMMP on mineclearance operations, with locator beacon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Photographer Robbie Shone goes deep underground with the Hong Meigui Expedition in China

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Light shines through Cloud Ladder Hall; Suspended on a thin rope a tiny figure is dwarfed by the sheer size on a monumental scale of Cloud Ladder Hall. The beam of light cast by anothers headtorch pierces the fog yet illuminates nothing. This naturally formed room is so large it has it’s own weather system going on.

© Robbie Shone

Climbing the rope up a vertical section of cave known as a pit in Xinu Attic.

© Robbie Shone

The cathedral doors; The view back towards the towering entrance and the main river passage in Quankou Dong. Thick beds of limestone break through towards the ceiling high up above the floor of the cave.

© Robbie Shone

The elephant’s playroom. Two cave explorers are dwarfed for scale in a section of cave called Dancing Elephant Troop. Here two huge passages intercept and form a giant section of empty space, deep underground in San Wang Dong.


Stalagmites, stalactites, and draperies by a pool

Stalagmites, stalactites, and draperies by a pool (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hunting Golden eagle Vs Fox – Human Planet – BBC

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In the Altai Mountains in Western Mongolia the vast open spaces make hunting for animals almost impossible, so the local kazakh hunters have forged an astonishing partnership with golden eagles which can do the hunting for them.

John Hurts narrated the visually stunning Human Planet, an awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, heart-stopping landmark series that marvels at mankind’s incredible relationship with nature in the world today.

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