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New dwarf planet orbiting beyond Neptune is discovered

Posted in 2016, astronomy with tags , on July 14, 2016 by THE BOLDCORSICANFLAME AND CAPITAINE FLAMME INTREPIDE


It all began with a small dot moving across a computer screen.

That dot has now turned out to be a new dwarf planet, temporarily dubbed “RR245.” It’s a chunk of rock and ice about two thirds the size of California (north to south) orbiting amidst other small, icy worlds in the nether reaches of the solar system beyond Neptune.

Its discovery was announced today

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Outer solar system survey strikes, well, ice: New dwarf planet orbiting beyond Neptune is discovered


The orbit of the newly discovered dwarf planet, RR245, is shown with the orange line. Objects as bright as, or brighter, than RR245 are labeled. RR245 is the 18th largest in the Kuiper Belt. (Source: Alex Parker, OSSOS team)



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