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Watch Explorers Track Struggling Polar Bears Across Russian Arctic

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The Russian biologists were already on their third round of vodka shots over a dinner of canned reindeer meat, buckwheat, and pickles when a neighbor ran in and shouted, “bear!”


Old Soviet forks clattered against plates as the group of scientists all stood at the same time and rushed out of the tiny kitchen in the Sea View, a grandly named hotel in the almost completely abandoned town of Amderma on the shore of the Kara Sea. “The polar bear is by the school!” the young woman yelled again, as the men got dressed in a chaotic jumble of boots, gloves, coats, and hats.


Sergey Naidenko and Yevgeny Ivanov ran into their room and grabbed a lightweight German gas rifle. Yevgeny tucked a number of tranquilizer darts into his down jacket—then everyone ran out into the gloom of a spring evening in the Russian Arctic.


Outside, Sergey grabbed the darts from Yevgeny, jumped on a snowmobile behind a local Nenets hunter with a rifle slung over his shoulder, and went tearing off across the hardened snow in the direction the bear had run. The rest of the group navigated down to the frozen seashore through deep snow hiding mountains of rusted junk left by the Soviet Union’s second largest Arctic air base.


Polar Bears: The brother & sister were born in a popular aquarium in Shandong province, east China

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Images show the adorable twin cubs snuggled up together as they snoozed between feeding.

Captured by Russian photographer Alexey Tishenko The intimate shots of the siblings at rest and play reveal a softer side to the famously ferocious

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Lying back in the snow, these two polar bears share a cuddle as they catch their breath after playtime.

These stunning photographs of the brother and sister reveal a softer side to the famously ferocious polar bear

they were captured by Russian photographer Alexey Tishenko, 43, who braved temperatures of -18 to capture the intimate pictures in Churchill, Canada.

Polar bears shot and skinned for ‘wealthy Russians’

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Polar bears are hunted down in a barbaric trade where poachers sell on their skins, often to wealthy Russians who consider them the ultimate hunting trophy.

Inhumane: The bears were killed for their skins in a barbaric trade in which the magnificent creatures are seen as the ultimate hunting trophy

Bear meat was found in a deserted building at the Fyodorov Meteorology Station and two hours later the body of a polar bear was spotted from a helicopter.

How a Canadian town is teaching polar bears to fear humans in order to save them

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Churchill in northern Manitoba bills itself as the the polar bear capital of the world and its tourism-based economy depends on it. But as climate change forces the polar bears inland in search of food, attacks on humans are increasing. Can this small community continue to co-exist with the world’s largest land predator? Suzanne Goldenberg reports from Churchill where its bear alert programme uses guns, helicopters and a polar bear jail to manage the the creatures

Polar Bear Cams Live-Stream Historic Migration Of Threatened Population

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What’s better than a panda cam? In terms of cuteness, not much. But if you’re looking to swap “cute” for “carnivore,” these polar bear cams, currently live-streaming from near Churchill, Canada, will knock your socks off.

From Nov. 5-20, the cameras will document the migration of around 1,000 polar bears. They’re headed to the southwest corner of the Hudson Bay to await the formation of sea ice, which the bears will travel across in search of seals.

As the southernmost group of polar bears on the planet, the Hudson Bay population is particularly susceptible to inconsistent sea ice formation, which has become even more erratic as the Arctic warms. Per The Guardian, growing numbers of ice-free days have kept polar bears off the sea ice and away from their primary diet of seals, contributing to a long-term decline in population health.

A media release from, one of the organizations behind the camera effort, estimates the Hudson Bay polar bear population is in its final decades of existence.

“Studies suggest [the bears are] losing nearly 2 lbs. a day while on land,” Steven Amstrup, the chief scientist for Polar Bears International, another organization involved in the effort, told LiveScience. “And they aren’t dieting intentionally.”

Amstrup added that bears have been forced to stay on land one extra day each year because of declining sea ice.

That trend is also seen on a more global scale, with polar bears struggling to survive as ice retreats further and further each summer. Notes National Geographic, some isolated areas in the Canadian Arctic and Greenland may serve as holdouts for polar bears through the next century, but with increased warming, says Amstrup, “even those last refuges will fail to sustain the icon of the Arctic.”

WATCH the live feed, above. Live cam footage courtesy of, Polar Bears International and Frontiers North Adventures.

Polar bear males frequently play-fight. During...

Polar bear males frequently play-fight. During the mating season, actual fighting is intense and often leaves scars or broken teeth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Inuit Scholar Fighting For Environmental Reform on World Stage

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Please Help Save America’s Polar Bears

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She swam and swam in open water — for 232 hours straight, covering more than 420 miles — in search of dwindling sea ice to hunt for food. Her quest came at a great cost: she lost more than 20 percent of her body weight — and her yearling cub.

As rising temperatures take their toll in the Arctic, one polar bear mother’s epic journey could become all too common.

Please donate now to support our work to help save America’s struggling polar bears from extinction.

America’s polar bears are in trouble. The sea ice these iconic bears need to survive is rapidly disappearing.

Yet some in Congress are unleashing an attack on America’s remaining polar bears — and the places they need to raise their cubs.

Idaho Congressman Mike Crapo wants to allow Big Oil’s drills into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — one of the most important onshore denning habitats for America’s struggling polar bears.

Another bill from Alaska Representative Don Young would strip vital federal protections for these amazing bears — and seriously undermine the Endangered Species Act.

And several bills are proposing to gut the Environmental Protection Agency’s power to curtail the greenhouse gas emissions that are already affecting polar bears and other Arctic wildlife.

Our polar bears need your help. Please donate today to help save these iconic bears and other wildlife struggling to survive.

Your generous support will help Defenders save polar bears by…

Please donate today to save polar bears.

Scientists predict that U.S. polar bears could disappear in just a few decades as climate change and other threats take their toll. But we can make a difference.