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The ability of properly-dosed vitamin C before and after a vaccination

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Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, Jan 29, 2020

Vaccinations, Vitamin C, Politics, and the Law

Commentary by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD

(OMNS January 29, 2020) The ability of properly-dosed vitamin C before and after a vaccination to block any potential short- and long-term toxic side effects while enhancing the antibody-forming aim of the injection was covered in an earlier OMNS article.

The points made in that article, along with their validation in the scientific literature, remain pertinent 8 years later.

As emphasized in that article, the purpose of this article is not to praise or condemn the administration of vaccinations.

Most who know me know my stance on this issue, coming from what I consider to be a purely scientific perspective. But that is not the purpose of this article.




Fukushima radiation killing our children, govt hides truth – former mayor

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Katsutaka Idogawa, former mayor of Futaba, a town near the disabled Fukushima nuclear plant, is warning his country that radiation contamination is affecting Japan’s greatest treasure – its children.

Asked about government plans to relocate the people of Fatuba to the city of Iwaki, inside the Fukushima prefecture, Idogawa criticized the move as a “violation of human rights.”

Compared with Chernobyl, radiation levels around Fukushima “are four times higher,” he told RT’s Sophie Shevardnadze, adding that “it’s too early for people to come back to Fukushima prefecture.”

“It is by no means safe, no matter what the government says.”

Idogawa alleges that the government has started programs to return people to their towns despite the danger of radiation.

“Fukushima Prefecture has launched the Come Home campaign. In many cases, evacuees are forced to return. [the former mayor produced a map of Fukushima Prefecture that showed that air contamination decreased a little, but soil contamination remains the same.


According to Idogawa there are about two million people residing in the prefecture who are reporting“all sorts of medical issues,” but the government insists these conditions are unrelated to the Fukushima accident. Idogawa wants their denial in writing.

“I demanded that the authorities substantiate their claim in writing but they ignored my request.”

Once again, Idogawa alludes to the nuclear tragedy that hit Ukraine on April 26, 1986, pleading that the Japanese people “never forget Chernobyl.” Yet few people seem to be heeding the former government official’s warning.

“They believe what the government says, while in reality radiation is still there. This is killing children. They die of heart conditions, asthma, leukemia, thyroiditis… Lots of kids are extremely exhausted after school; others are simply unable to attend PE classes. But the authorities still hide the truth from us, and I don’t know why. Don’t they have children of their own? It hurts so much to know they can’t protect our children.

“They say Fukushima Prefecture is safe, and that’s why nobody’s working to evacuate children, move them elsewhere. We’re not even allowed to discuss this.”

The former mayor found it ironic that when discussing the Tokyo Olympics, scheduled for 2020, Prime Minister Abe frequently mentions the Japanese word, “omotenashi,” which literally means that you should “treat people with an open heart.”

In Idogawa’s opinion, the same treatment does not apply equally to the people most intimately connected with Fukushima: the workers involved in the cleanup operations.

“Their equipment was getting worse; preparation was getting worse. So people had to think about their safety first. That’s why those who understood the real danger of radiation began to quit. Now we have unprofessional people working there.

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Peak Oil Consumption – How much oil is left?

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Peak Oil Consumption - How much oil is left?

Infographic by Carrentals – Peak Oil Consumption