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Artist Creates Secret Sidewalk Art That’s Only Revealed On Rainy Days

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There are plenty of cliches about finding the sunshine on a rainy day, but this sidewalk art is not one of them.

Designed and produced by artist Peregrine Church, Rainworks is a special type of street art that appears on sidewalks only when they’re wet. The works include hopscotches, whimsical illustrations and uplifting messages.

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10 Cities That Could Run Out Of Water

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Securing access to plentiful, renewable sources of fresh water is among the biggest struggles large cities around the world face. Growing populations and declining fresh water supplies – from rapidly depleting aquifers as well as drought-stricken reservoirs and rivers – mean that cities are scrambling to find solutions.

In the pages that follow, we look at 10 major U.S. cities facing some of the nation’s most acute water shortages, and the hurdles they face in obtaining enough water to meet their citizens’, and industries’, needs.

El Paso, Texas

San Jose, Calif.


Lincoln, Neb

Salt Lake City

San Diego

Los Angeles

Las Vegas



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The world’s rainforests are currently disappearing at a rate of 6000 acres every hour (this is about 4000 football fields per hour). When these forests are cut down, the plants and animals that live in the forests are destroyed, and some species are at risk of being made extinct.

I produced and arranged this song to make people aware of the mass destruction. We have to do something for us, for our children and children to be born.

Copyright © Song written by Mike Vaughan/The Bold CorsicanFlame

Fair use of the images, no copyright infringement intended. Not a commercial video. –

UP TO DATE/ November 16th 2013:

Brasilia – Deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon reached 5843 km2 this year, up 28% compared to the previous year which recorded the lowest deforestation history, announced Thursday the Minister of the Environment .


New Map Yields Better View of Forest Changes
November 16, 2013


10 Ways to Help Save Rainforest in Half an Hour or Less

Rainforest saved! Buenaventura Reserve, Ecuador.

Over 500,000 acres saved: Make a difference with these 10 quick and easy ways to help. You will be joining the individuals, schools and businesses who have already helped WLT and its project partners purchase and protect over 500,000 acres of rainforest and other threatened wildlife habitats.

The most effective ways you can help WLT save rainforest is to:

  1. Make a donation
  2. Offset your CO2 emissions 

Here are 8 other quick and easy things you can do to helpWLT save rainforest and other wildlife habitats:

Join the discussion on social networks

3. Tell the world about our rainforest projects

What you can do:

Spread the word on your favourite social network

Follow us, like us or tweet about us and share the WLT news updates directly from our website. Tell your friends why you support WLT – your own words will mean more to them than promotional text.
Find us on these networks: Facebook Twitter | LinkedIn |Google+ | Pinterest | YouTube | Flickr | MySpace | Care2

Send a Wildlife eCard to a friend

One great way to tell someone about the WLT is to send them one of our free wildlife eCards.

How this helps save rainforest: The more supporters we have, the more land we are able to save. Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways of marketing – and it’s completely free!

Save rainforest for free with a click of your mouse

4. Save rainforest for free with a click of your mouse

What you can do: Bookmark The Rainforest Site and Ecology Fundwebsites and visit every day.

How this saves rainforest: By clicking on the ‘Save Land’ buttons, advertisers on the sites pay for habitat in WLT and WLT-US project areas to be saved – you pay nothing.

Shop to save rainforest

5. Raise money for WLT while you shop

What you can do: Thousands of brands have registered with sites such as Give as you Live, allowing you to continue your shopping as normal and raise money for WLT at the same time. Other options include using a Virgin Money Charity credit card and signing up to LOVEFiLM. See Shop to Save Rainforest for more.

How this helps save rainforest: These shopping options generate donations to the World Land Trust at no extra cost to you.

See also Gifts that help save rainforest »

Watch the wildlife webcams

6. Join the discussion

What you can do:

Comment on our news stories

Tell us what you think by leaving a comment on the latest WLT news articles or blogs.

Chat on Wildlife Webcams

Talk with other wildlife enthusiasts as you watch our wildlife webcams streaming live from the rainforest.

How this helps save rainforest: Frequent comments and lively discussions help us to improve our web presence, attracting more visitors and ultimately donors.

Save rainforest when you search the web

7. Save rainforest when you search the web

What you can do: Use as your search engine.

How this helps save rainforest: Everyclick donates half its revenues to charity and it does not cost the WLT, or you, a penny.

Raise money when you sell on eBay

8. Raise money for the rainforest when you sell on eBay

What you can do: All you need to do is select World Land Trust as the benefiting charity.The listed charity items will appear with an “eBay for charity icon” along with the WLT logo.

How this helps save rainforest: For each item successfully sold on eBay a percentage of the price (chosen by you) is directed to WLT.

Recycle and help save wilderness

9. Recycle and support the WLT

What you can do: 

Recycle your empty printer cartridges

If you live in the UK, you can support the WLT by donating your empty Inkjet and Toner cartridges.

Recycle your car with Giveacar

Donate your unwanted and scrap car (in the UK) to support the WLT.

How this helps save rainforest: A portion of the proceeds from these recycling schemes is donated to the World Land Trust.

Link to WLT from your own website

10. Link to the WLT

What you can do:

Add a WLT link to your email signature

Here is an example:
Take positive action today: £5 plants a tree that helps re-establish wildlife habitats in REAL places,

Link to the World Land Trust from your own website

Select from several banners or plain text links and then simply copy and paste the code into the page where you would like the link to appear.

How this helps save rainforest: You will not only help generate traffic to our site directly, but by increasing our link popularity, the WLT will improve its ranking in the search engines. The better the ranking, the more traffic and donations we will get and the more rainforest we will be able to save.

Mount Budawang Cool Temperate Rainforest

Mount Budawang Cool Temperate Rainforest (Photo credit: Poytr)

Heavy rains cause floods in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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