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Life AFTER Death: Shock claim of evidence showing consciousness may continue as a SOUL

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The human conscious lives on after death, scientists have sensationally claimed….

The possibility of life after death is one of the greatest mysteries of humanity, but now experts are claiming that there is no death of consciousness – just death of the body.

According to some well-respected scientists, quantum mechanics allows consciousness to live on following the body’s eventual demise.

While scientists are still unsure about what exactly consciousness is, the University of Arizona’s Stuart Hameroff believes that it is merely information stored at a quantum level.

British physicist Sir Roger Penrose agrees and believes he and his team have found evidence that protein-based microtubules – a structural component of human cells – carry quantum information – information stored at a sub-atomic level.




Discover what science can teach us about Love. What do you believe our hearts hold? A crucial link that connect our soul to feel love and compassion

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Why did Kathy Magliato decided to be a heart surgeon? What tangible and intangible evidence did she find while operating on her patients? Turns out that the answer is simpler than we may think…

Kathy finds amazing connections between the heart and the brain. Our emotions are the crucial link that connect our soul to feel love and compassion. See what she has to say about living each heartbeat to the fullest! 

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