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Syrian Woman gives AMAZING Speech about Syria War Refugees in Belgrade & a very short and Eloquent Video of the message of a so-called “migrant” in Europe

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A “nice Syrian” who first makes a quick friendly gesture but then walks on passed the camera and  with eyes filled with hatred  he makes a gesture of slicing a throat… A single gesture that says a lot about who comes to Europe to invade the continent

“The people you see in the streets of Belgrade en route to Germany or Holland, are not true Syrians. Do not misunderstand what I say, I love my people, those fighting , for Syria, for our country …. / …….. they strive to help people fleeing their country. Many of them are jihadists and, moreover, they paid thousands of euros for it.

How new era of Islamic fundamentalism is spreading fear and chaos around the world

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Internet flooded with images and videos of executions from Sunni militants aiming to topple Iraqi government; At least five die in Kenya attack just days after Al Qaeda-inspired group Al Shabaab kill 60 in twin massacres; Islamist militants Boko Haram feared to have snatched 90 villagers in Nigeria after kidnapping 300 Christian girls.

Attacks between Christian and Islamic militia in Central African Republic ‘risk creating conditions for genocide’; Sudanese woman freed from death row for marrying a Christian is re-arrested for not using her Muslim name

From a beheading in Iraq to the hard-line repression of religious freedoms in Sudan, a string of extremist acts in recent weeks have raised the worrying spectre of a new era of Islamic fundamentalism spreading across the world.

Over the last month, the world’s media has been awash with gruesome images of barbarism – pulled into sharp focus in recent days with the barrage of horrific videos and hate-filled messages pouring onto the internet from Sunni militants in Iraq.

But it is far from restricted to that country alone. In just the last few days:

Footage has emerged showing armed militant children as young as eight watching as an Iraqi prisoner is executed by ISIS, while another shows a captured Iraqi police officer being beheaded;
At least five people have died in an attack on Kenya’s coast just days after Al Qaeda-inspired terror group Al Shabaab kills 60 in twin massacres;

Islamist militants Boko Haram are feared to have snatched 90 villagers in the same area of Nigeria where they seized nearly 300 Christian schoolgirls two months ago;
A human rights group has warned that revenge attacks between Christian and Islamic militia in the Central African Republic risk creating conditions for a genocide reminiscent of Bosnia in the 1990s.

Just last night, an explosion in a Nigerian shopping mall killed at least 21 people and injured 17 more as the nation prepared to watch its football team play Argentina in the World Cup
Also yesterday, a suicide bomber killed himself and wounded several security officers at a hotel in Raouche in Beirut, close to the Saudi Arabian embassy

Justice from Beyond the Grave: 3-Year-Old Remembers Past Life & Identifies His Murderer

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Published on May 21, 2014

A young boy remembers a past life “reincarnation” he had where he was murdered. The 3-year old correctly identified the spot he was buried, the village he was from, and the murderer. Is this proof that reincarnation is real?

In a region near the border of Syria known as Golan Heights, a boy says he remembers being murdered. At first, no one believed him. 

That is, until he lead village elders to the spot where he remembers being buried. Mixed in with the group of village elders was a man by the name of Dr. Eli Lasch. Dr. Eli Lasch is known in Gaza for developing a government medical system. Lasch witnessed all of these events.

The villagers dug up the spot where the boy says his former corpse remains and sure enough there was as skeleton there. Mysteriously, a large axe mark on the skeleton corresponds to a birth mark on the boys head.

The boy says he was murdered with an axe and then lead village elders to the spot where the murderer buried the weapon. Sure enough, they dug up an axe.

The boy then lead people to the village he was from in his past life and told them of his previous name. 

When people of the boy’s former home village were asked about a man going by this name…they said he had disappeared 4 years earlier and never returned. 

Remember, the boy was three years old.

But strangest of all, the boy recounted exactly who the murderer was. 
When the boy confronted his killer, the man’s face turned a pale white and he started acting very suspicious. 

Once the boy lead elders to the exact spot of his corpse and the murder weapon the killer gave in and admitted to the crime — for which he ended up being charged with.

Is the boy a product of reincarnation? Are we all perhaps reincarnations of our past lives?

The Syrian opposition hijacked by radical Islam

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One reason the rebels are not able to make a lot of headway is because they do not have the weaponry they want. Shockingly, The governments of the USA and FRANCE want to arm the opposition and help radical Islam to take over in Syria.

A Swedish reporter confronted President Barack Obama about reconciling a pending attack on Syria with his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize that he won almost immediately after taking office.

He is fully supported to go to war in Syria by François HOLLANDE, President of FRANCE.

Ben Swann Reality Check: What The Media Isn’t Telling You About Syria

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Assad was far from an ideal leader – but unlike many polities of the Middle East, his government was secular and Syria was a regional haven for religious freedom.

Over the past two years, the FSA‘s uprising has been overwhelmed by a

group called the al Nusra Front, which is nothing less than a band of international
terrorists, formerly located in Iraq and actually self-described as al Qaeda.

Should they win this conflict, their stated plan is to decapitate all non-Muslims and all others, considered “traitors” to their “nation”, which they envision as including Iraq.

It is this latter group, which has received millions and millions in US military aid(although, allegedly no armaments). One wonders, if the US were to assist *anyone*  in this conflict – why them?

As a video Ben rolls in of a small child of the al Nusra Front singing bloodthirsty lyrics to a crowd of his approving elders, it becomes abundantly clear that the US has unquestionably been on the wrong side of this conflict.

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