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Tonight, Venus, the crescent Moon and the Pleiades will form a beautiful triangle in the western sunset sky.

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Venus, the Moon, and the Pleiades converge on March 27th–the prelude to an even prettier conjunction on March 28th. Photo credit: Ruslan Merzlyakov of Nykøbing Mors, Denmark. [photo gallery]


Tonight, Venus, the crescent Moon and the Pleiades will form a beautiful triangle in the western sunset sky. The event kicks off a slow-motion conjunction between Venus and the Pleiades that will grow even more beautiful in the nights ahead. Visit for sky maps and observing tips.

April 10th & 11th, 2015: Venus and the Pleiades are converging for a close encounter in the sunset sky.

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Photograph by Yuri Beletsky

This weekend, the planet and the star cluster will cross paths only 2o apart. Yuri Beletsky photographed the Seven Sisters +1 on April 9th, just one day before closest approach, over the Las Campanas observatory in Chile

Consider it a mixture of dissimilar things. The Pleiades are elusive. They’re best seen out of the corner of your eye, a pretty little surprise that pops out of the night sky when you’re staring elsewhere. Venus is just the opposite. Dazzling, bright enough to cast faint shadows on a moonless night, it beams down from the heavens and grabs you when you’re not even looking.

In the nights ahead, look west after sunset. Venus pops out of the twilight long before nightfall. As the sky fades to black, you can see the Pleiades, too. The nights of closest approach are Friday, April 10th, and Saturday, April 11th. Bright Venus makes for a stunning contrast against the pinpoint beauty of the star cluster. Observing tip: For maximum contrast, use binoculars.


Current Stereos – Levy – The Pleiades!

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upload and text from TBar1984

Current view from the two Stereo Spacecraft, another look at Comet Levy, and the Incoming Massive Object known as The Pleiades.

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The former Twins Vesta & Dembowska:
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