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Proof with Images that The Whole World, Animals, Trees, the EARTH are Being massively Destroyed by Humans jeopardizing Our Survival

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An elephant killed by poachers left to rot……..(disgusting people)

“When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money.” Sometimes words can be superfluous. These pictures say more than a thousand words.


A rainforest in flames — goats used to graze here.


USA:  In Oregon, this thousand-year-old forest fell victim to the chain saw for a new dam. (may the people responsible for this be damned!=


This polar bear starved to death in Svalvard, Norway. Disappearing ice caps are robbing polar bears of both their living space and food !!!!


Japan: While the entire world watched the events of Fukushima, a massive heat and power station was burning just a few miles away. All attempts to extinguish it where fruitless.


The Indonesian surfer Dede Surinaya rides a wave of filth and trash in Java, Indonesia. Surfing in the TRASH!!!!


A lignite power plant contaminates the air with its discharges.


Paradise almost lost: the Maldives, a popular vacation spot that is threatened by rising sea levels.


The view of the overdeveloped metropole of Mexico City (with more than 20 million inhabitants). (rats live better)


INDIA: And yet another megatropolis — a bird’s eye view of New Delhi (over 22 million inhabitants).


CANADA: The scars left behind from the mining of oil sands in the Canadian province of Alberta.


Canada: A massive truck delivers a load of oil sands for processing. It’s hard to believe that oil sand is a leading source of Canadian energy.


USA: To the last drop: an oilfield in California and the merciless overexploitation of humans.


The blunder of the Brazilian rain forest is being repeated here in Canada.



A dead albatross shows what happens when we litter. A living dumpster.




A Mine of diamond, HOW deep will they dig for these? To the core of the earth???


Poachers pose proudly with the coat of a Siberian tiger.


CHEMTRAILS  and Trails of excessive air traffic over London.


Spain: a multitude of greenhouses to produce for the whole Europe fruits and vegetables full of pesticides!


Tons (literally) of broken electronics end up in developing countries and are stripped for precious metals by using deadly substances.

USA: A landfill for worn-out tires in the desert of Nevada.



The poles are melting so fast no one does care….A massive waterfall from melting pack ice. These masses are the only meltwater and the undeniable proof that climate change is advancing swiftly.


China: A simple herd farmer cannot withstand the stench of the Yellow River in Inner Mongolia.

My feeling after watching all these images which are only a sample of what is going on, we are doomed, our children too and the children to be born and we managed to destroy in 150 years A WHOLE PLANET! Most people don’t care and are unaware of the horrible effects our lifestyles have on nature. Too late to help raise awareness……





Wales: Environment Bosses ‘devastated’ after discovering 200 ancient Trees Cut down by An Unknown Tree Assassin

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Inspectors were visiting countryside in Blackwood, near Caerphilly, South Wales, when they came across a field of stumps.

The hedgerow beeches are thought to be around 150-200 years old.

Natural Resources Wales have launched an investigation into the felling and have said anyone wanting to chop down so many veteran trees would need a licence.

Jim Hepburn, regulatory woodland officer at Natural Resources Wales, said: ‘This is a devastating case which will have a terrible impact on the local environment and no doubt be very upsetting for local people.

‘These trees would have been around 150 – 200 years old and would have provided valuable habitat for wildlife.

‘We continue to investigate how this felling has happening, and will take the necessary action against those responsible.’


Mystery tree feller chops down 200 ancient beeches leaving environment bosses completely stumped


This 103-Year-Old Woman Planted And Cared For 384 Trees, While Living In Abject Poverty Herself

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Saalumarada Thimmakka lives in the Hulikal village of Karnataka. At 103, she still lives on to  tell the story of her life which was filled with hardship but bore fruit in a different kind of way.

As a young girl, she was married off to a farmer who made a meagre income and was looked down upon by his fellow villagers for not fathering a child with his new wife.

Instead of following social protocol, they decided to plant tree saplings and tend to them as their own children.



German Forest Ranger Finds That Trees Have Social Networks, Too

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“When I say, ‘Trees suckle their children,’ everyone knows immediately what I mean.” PETER WOHLLEBEN

HÜMMEL, Germany — IN the deep stillness of a forest in winter, the sound of footsteps on a carpet of leaves died away. Peter Wohlleben had found what he was looking for: a pair of towering beeches. “These trees are friends,” he said, craning his neck to look at the leafless crowns, black against a gray sky. “You see how the thick branches point away from each other? That’s so they don’t block their buddy’s light.”

Before moving on to an elderly beech to show how trees, like people, wrinkle as they age, he added, “Sometimes, pairs like this are so interconnected at the roots that when one tree dies, the other one dies, too.”



Research Reveals Plants Can Think, Choose & Remember

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Modern science is only beginning to catch up to the wisdom of the ancients: plants possess sentience and a rudimentary form of intelligence. 

Plants are far more intelligent and capable than we given them credit. In fact, provocative research from 2010 published in Plant Signaling & Behavior proposes that since they cannot escape environmental stresses in the manner of animals, they have developed a “sophisticated, highly responsive and dynamic physiology,” which includes information processes such as “biological quantum computing” and “cellular light memory” which could be described as forms of plant intelligence. Titled, “Secret life of plants: from memory to intelligence,” the study highlights one particular “super power” of plants indicative of their success as intelligent beings

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Tree-mendous, the Incredible Health Benefit of Trees

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A study of people living in urban areas of Toronto found that having ten more trees in your street benefits your health as much as being seven years younger, or $10,000 richer.

Planting ten more trees on your street gives a health benefit comparable to having $10,000 higher income, moving to a richer neighborhood or being seven years younger, say a team of scientists who quantified the relationship between individual trees, and an individual’s health.Having an extra 11 trees on an urban street further reduces the risk of developing cardio-metabolic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or stroke, and is comparable to having an increase in annual personal income of $20,000, and moving to a neighborhood with $20,000 higher median income.

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When Trees Die, People Die

The curious connection between an invasive beetle that has destroyed over 100 million trees, and subsequent heart disease and pneumonia in human populations nearby


Hear why kids think trees are important

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Brazil: The Rainforest from the sky

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The world’s rainforests are currently disappearing at a rate of 6000 acres every hour (this is about 4000 football fields per hour). When these forests are cut down, the plants and animals that live in the forests are destroyed, and some species are at risk of being made extinct.

I produced and arranged this song to make people aware of the mass destruction. We have to do something for us, for our children and children to be born.
Song written by Mike Vaughan/The Bold CorsicanFlame

Artist Bartholomaus Traubeck has custom-built a record player that is able to “play” cross-sectional slices of tree trunks.

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The result is his artpiece “Years,” an audio recording of tree rings being read by a computer and turned into music, much like a record player’s needle reads the grooves on an LP. It gives us not only a sense of nature’s message, but a perspective on a unique arrangement of sounds that would be impossible to interpret through any other medium.

North Carolina Fall

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nomadruss in words and photos

Leaving Utah, I made the quick trip back across the country to the east and the North Carolina Mountains just in time for fall. I made a few nice images with the Nikon D700 that will be edited before too long. In the meantime, here are a few images made using the iPhone 4S.

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