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Angel Falls, Venezuela The World’s Highest Waterfall 😮

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Proof with Images that The Whole World, Animals, Trees, the EARTH are Being massively Destroyed by Humans jeopardizing Our Survival

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An elephant killed by poachers left to rot……..(disgusting people)

“When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money.” Sometimes words can be superfluous. These pictures say more than a thousand words.


A rainforest in flames — goats used to graze here.


USA:  In Oregon, this thousand-year-old forest fell victim to the chain saw for a new dam. (may the people responsible for this be damned!=


This polar bear starved to death in Svalvard, Norway. Disappearing ice caps are robbing polar bears of both their living space and food !!!!


Japan: While the entire world watched the events of Fukushima, a massive heat and power station was burning just a few miles away. All attempts to extinguish it where fruitless.


The Indonesian surfer Dede Surinaya rides a wave of filth and trash in Java, Indonesia. Surfing in the TRASH!!!!


A lignite power plant contaminates the air with its discharges.


Paradise almost lost: the Maldives, a popular vacation spot that is threatened by rising sea levels.


The view of the overdeveloped metropole of Mexico City (with more than 20 million inhabitants). (rats live better)


INDIA: And yet another megatropolis — a bird’s eye view of New Delhi (over 22 million inhabitants).


CANADA: The scars left behind from the mining of oil sands in the Canadian province of Alberta.


Canada: A massive truck delivers a load of oil sands for processing. It’s hard to believe that oil sand is a leading source of Canadian energy.


USA: To the last drop: an oilfield in California and the merciless overexploitation of humans.


The blunder of the Brazilian rain forest is being repeated here in Canada.



A dead albatross shows what happens when we litter. A living dumpster.




A Mine of diamond, HOW deep will they dig for these? To the core of the earth???


Poachers pose proudly with the coat of a Siberian tiger.


CHEMTRAILS  and Trails of excessive air traffic over London.


Spain: a multitude of greenhouses to produce for the whole Europe fruits and vegetables full of pesticides!


Tons (literally) of broken electronics end up in developing countries and are stripped for precious metals by using deadly substances.

USA: A landfill for worn-out tires in the desert of Nevada.



The poles are melting so fast no one does care….A massive waterfall from melting pack ice. These masses are the only meltwater and the undeniable proof that climate change is advancing swiftly.


China: A simple herd farmer cannot withstand the stench of the Yellow River in Inner Mongolia.

My feeling after watching all these images which are only a sample of what is going on, we are doomed, our children too and the children to be born and we managed to destroy in 150 years A WHOLE PLANET! Most people don’t care and are unaware of the horrible effects our lifestyles have on nature. Too late to help raise awareness……





Water Is Your #1 Priority — How to Provide

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When we moved to the Northwest we got to experience being completely off-grid. Not by choice mind you… In the Northwest it rains. It rains a lot. We also have trees, lots and lots of trees. Trees plus massive amounts of water plus wind equal downed power lines. Compound that with the fact that we live in the boondocks and the power lines run through thousands upon thousands of acres of forested area.  Suffice it to say power outages are frequent and long.

At first you only think of the inconvenience, but then you realize the benefit of this experience. The benefit is that you gain perspective and understand your priorities very quickly. You realize that it isn’t your computer, your lights or even your air conditioner that you miss most.  You miss running water.Water

Water may not be as appealing as planning for shelter or food but it is your first priority. The only other subject which is more important, at times, is security. Water is life. On your homestead you need to figure out how to:

  1. Collect Water
  2. Filter Water
  3. Clean Water
  4. Store Water
  5. Distribute Water
  6. Heat Water

all without the aid of electricity.  Not all solutions will work for you. You need to consider your property, rainfall in your area, waterfowl migration, bodies of water, groundwater – shallow and deep, droughts, seasons, delivery and disbursement systems, small-scale filtering and large-scale filtering options, cleaning possibilities all without the aid of electricity.

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EO Kids: Fresh Water

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Introducing a new publication from Earth Observatory – EO Kids – bringing engaging science stories from Earth Observatory to a younger audience.

The premier issue of EO Kids explores how NASA observes and measures fresh water from space. Find out why Lake Mead appears to have a bathtub ring around its shoreline and how less snow in the mountains means less drinking water for California.

Explore satellite images of where fresh water is stored in and on the Earth. Discover what NASA does in the field with an update from scientists on the Olympic Mountain Experiment (OLYMPEX) campaign.

EO Kids offers hands-on activities, experiments and more. The Maker Corner provides instructions for making a model aquifer and a self-watering planter.

Explore the science behind fresh water with a snowmelt experiment and be a data detective by analyzing satellite data like a scientist. Kids can even create their own data visualization by coloring in a map showing ice thickness on Greenland.

You can dowload PDF on their website and give them your feedback:


New polymer made of sugar molecules purify water ‘in seconds’

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A Japan Self-Defence Force officer fills water tanks to be delivered to earthquake and tsunami survivors in Ofunato, northeast Japan

A Japan Self-Defence Force officer fills small water tanks to be delivered to survivors at a village destroyed by an earthquake and tsunami a week ago in Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture, northeast Japan March 18, 2011. REUTERS/Lee Jae-Won

US scientists have developed a new polymer that has a unique capacity to remove pollutant substances from water “in seconds.” The discovery could revolutionize the water-purification industry, make the process cheaper, and involve minimum energy.

A team of researchers from Cornell University made the breakthrough. The full research has been published in Journal Nature this week.

“What we did is make the first high-surface-area material made of cyclodextrin [sugar molecules bound together in a ring],” said Will Dichtel, associate professor of chemistry, who led the research, “combining some of the advantages of the activated carbon with the inherent advantages of the cyclodextrin.”

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The Awesome Devil’s Bathtub is located in Southwest Virginia

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They named it the Devil’s bathtub because no one can find where the water that drains out the bottom it goes! They have tried several different ways of finding where the water goes, but none have been able to find the outlet.

Artist Creates Secret Sidewalk Art That’s Only Revealed On Rainy Days

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There are plenty of cliches about finding the sunshine on a rainy day, but this sidewalk art is not one of them.

Designed and produced by artist Peregrine Church, Rainworks is a special type of street art that appears on sidewalks only when they’re wet. The works include hopscotches, whimsical illustrations and uplifting messages.

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Portable Generator Runs on Water!!

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We have developed a portable water powered generator that creates a large amount of energy to run our portable generators that generate power simply by adding water. Spending money on expensive gasoline is a thing of the past. We have found a way to produce energy by adding clean tap water.

Emergency back-up power for camping, motorhomes to construction sites, GDS Technologies has created a new solution. Our generators are 50% less noisy than regular gasoline generators and can be used indoor becasue it produces NO Fumes and NO Pollution. Save energy, reduce costs and help the environment.

Watch 13 Years of Drought in California in 30 Seconds

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If you stare at the animation above long enough, you just might pick up on a pattern or two. The animation, created by stringing together weekly California drought observations from the United States Drought Monitor for more than 13 years, highlights the unprecedented nature of California’s ongoing drought compared to other boom and bust precipitation cycles since 2001.

Feast and Famine

California is a land of precipitation extremes. For seven months out of the year the state experiences little snow and rain. Then, starting in November, changes in the jet stream push moisture into the area and for the next five months California’s mountains and waterways are once again lush with water.

Take San Francisco, for example. As senior digital meteorologist Jon Erdman notes, the city experiences 85 percent of its yearly rainfall in just five months. But such pronounced seasonality comes with a tremendous risk.

When wet seasons aren’t as wet, California starts to dry up and the state cycles from feast to famine. Only, for the past couple of years, that cycle has all but disappeared.


Infographic reveals the countries around the world that have water safe to drink

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Essential: An infographic uses reports by the CDC to show travellers which countries have safe drinking water

Access to safe drinking water is undoubtedly the most essential requirement for every traveller. But knowing where it is safe to drink the water can be confusing, with conflicting information available.

A new infographic using research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identifies which countries have safe water for visitors – and which do not.

It is important to note that not all the countries indicated as ‘unsafe’ here have water that is necessarily unclean or polluted. 

Rather, it can be harmful to those who have not built up a tolerance to it as locals have, so visitors (particularly those with sensitive systems) should be cautious. 

The CDC reports that no countries on the continents of Africa and South America contain water suitable for drinking, and a handful in Asia: Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brunei, Israel and South Korea. 

In Oceania, Australia and New Zealand benefit from safe drinking water, with the CDC advising to avoid drinking water in the rest.

A large number of European countries have treated water that is deemed drinkable, though there are several in Eastern Europe where caution is advised. Full details are shown on the infographic below.

Illnesses that can be transmitted through water include cholera, hepatitis A, typhoid and travellers’ diarrhoea.

The infographic, compiled by NeoMam Studios, also includes advice on how to prevent illness by being aware of the water with which you brush your teeth and shower.

Tips on how to make untreated water safe for drinking are also noted. 

CDC’s guide to staying healthy during international travel

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