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Climate crisis could cause economic recession ‘like we’ve never seen before’, study warns

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The huge strain caused by the climate crisis could cause an economic recession “the likes of which we’ve never seen before,” a US study has warned.

The increase in prevalence of extreme weather, bringing deadly heatwaves, more severe storms, and causing wildfires and floods, is insufficiently accounted for in financial markets, raising the possibility of a sudden correction when serious problems arise, according to new research from University of California.



Something Is Going On – Strange Weather Around The World 2014

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“The worst drought California has ever seen” is now an official emergency

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Los Angeles, California (CNN)

California Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday declared a drought emergency for the state, saying it is facing “perhaps the worst drought that California has ever seen since records (began) about 100 years ago.

The governor’s announcement, made in San Francisco, came as a wildfire burned Friday with only 30% containment in 1,700 acres of foothills of Los Angeles County near Glendora. An illegal campfire apparently ignited the wildfire, and fire officials cited drought conditions as contributing to the blaze.In his declaration, the governor called for voluntary “20% conservation of our water use” statewide.

“It’s important to wake all Californians to the serious matter of the drought and lack of rain,” Brown told reporters. “We are in a unprecedented, serious situation that people should pause and reflect on how we’re dependent on rain, Mother Nature and each other.”This is an effort to call for arms,” he continued. “That’s the point of the declaration.”

Brown said he would set into motion an initiative that would make water transfers easier between regions in the state.The snowpack in California’s mountains is at 20% of normal levels. The state’s largest water reservoirs are below record lows, and the major waterways, including the Sacramento and the San Joaquin rivers, flow with “significantly reduced” water.

Since 2011, extremely dry conditions have parched the state.Under the proclamation, Brown directed officials to take “all necessary actions” to address the drought, including assisting farmers and communities with water shortages. He directed state agencies to use less water and hire more firefighters.Ninety percent of California is in a severe drought, CNN meteorologist Chad Myers said. “This could be a giant fire year coming up,” Myers added.


Australian Firefighter Captures Terrifying Video Of Bush Fire With Go-Pro Camera

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Click the video above to watch. It was filmed in Mt. Victoria, a small town near Sydney.

By attaching a portable Go-Pro camera to his helmet, firefighter Jonathan Mallin has recorded what it looks like for firefighters battling a raging blaze in a small township in eastern Australia.

As Mallin rushes around the smoke-filled neighborhood, high winds can be seen whipping the fires into a fury while some residents appear to try to escape in their cars. “It’s too late,” Mallin can be heard saying to one.

Firefighters battled nearly 100 different bushfires in New South Wales over the past few days, dozens of which were said to be “out of control,” CNN reported. The severity of the blazes were worsened by hot, dry conditions and high winds. Hundreds of homes have been reduced to embers, and Australia’s largest city, Sydney, wasblanketed with smoke and ash on Thursday.

This Is What It Looks Like When Glaciers Melt And The West Burns

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Grinnell Glacier Loss

Portage Glacier Melt

What if you could peer back in time to see how glaciers melted over generations? Or how a major wildfire scarred the earth in a few days?

Launched in 2010, NASA’s “State of Flux” image gallery shows the impacts of climate change, urbanization, natural disasters and other events in both the short and long term.


Between 1941 and 2004, Alaska’s Muir Glacier retreated more than seven miles and thinned by more than 875 yards, according to the U.S. Geological Survey’s Bruce Molnia


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